About Greg

Greg Ware is actually my ‘Maker’s alias, my ordinary name is Philippe Gregoire.

Now, gregware pronounced by a yankee is about the closest I could get to something that phonetically sounds like my surname pronounced the right (french) way…
The, there is hardware, software and gregware, defined as stuff that kind of does things but is not purely hard nor purely soft…

My regular job is to work for a computing giant, and my hobby is fiddling with digital electronics.
It happens so that the recent push in IoT tends to have my job and my hobby get closer everyday.

I’ve been playing with Arduinos of all sorts and their associated sensors and actuators, and then got interested in the ESP8266.

My initial goal, which I’m still pursuing, is to automate stuff around the house, starting with the electric gate of my house, and various aspects of the yard and garden too.